Siverek Paşa Konağı

  • 23. April 2024
  • Şanlıurfa İnfo
Siverek Paşa Konağı is located in the southern part of the city and is believed to have been originally built as a caravanserai, with its construction date remaining uncertain. In 1903, it was restored as a train station by Cudi Paşa, who was the governor and mayor of the Ottoman era. However, due to the economic difficulties of the Ottoman Empire, it was used as Cudi Paşa Mansion and caravanserai.

From that point on, it has served various government institutions and different artisan groups as a venue. The mansion was incorporated into municipal services in the 1960s when the second floor was added by the then Mayor Yılmaz Fettahlıgil. As Cudi Paşa Han was on the verge of being demolished, it was expropriated in 1994 by Mayor Hasan Çelebi and restored by the municipality between 2006 and 2007, opening as a tourist attraction for public use. The mansion, built around a square courtyard, has been converted into a two-story center with lodging facilities for people to stay.
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